If you have read the guide on the available platforms for Keepsales, then you already know that you can use Keepsales on a variety of devices. In this guide, we will try to breakdown the types of hardware we normally recommend to our customers depending on your business setting to help you get the best out of Sumundi Keepsales.

Basically, to get the most of Keepsales, you need a hardware combination of the following:

  1. A computer, laptop or a POS terminal OR a dedicated android smartphone

  2. A wired receipt printer (when you are using a computer) OR a blue tooth receipt printer (when you opt for a smartphone)

  3. A cash drawer (optional for when you are setting up a computer or POS terminal in your shop)

  4. A barcode scanner (optional for when you are setting up a computer or POS terminal in your shop) Note that, the android app comes with a built in barcode scanner.

You can purchase all these from various hardware vendors around you either individually or at a complete bundle.

If you would like us to supply you with these devices, you can always reach out to us to help you out. Also do check out our online store to go through our prices catalogue. Note that, depending on the time you actually decide to order, prices may change.

With that out of the way, let's give you an overview of the hardware types we have listed above.

Computer, POS Terminal

For a computer, any decent desktop computer or laptop will work perfectly. We advice a minimum of 4GB memory and a screen which makes it clear to view what is going on.

For the dedicated POS terminals, you typically have the option of a single screen terminal or dual screen terminal (with customer display) These are usually touch screen devices.

Single screen terminal:

Dual screen terminals:

Do checkout our online store for pricing information on these

Receipt Printer

Receipt printers come in a wide variety of types and brands. XPRINTER, EPSON, Zebra and so many more. There are also 80mm printers and 58mm printers based on the receipt size.

The standard we usually recommend to customers is the 80mm XPrinter (Wired). This is one of the most cost saving yet durable receipt printer available if you are opting for a computer setup. On the other hand, if you are opting for the android app setup, you can purchase any good bluetooth printer which can connect to your android phone.

80mm Xprinter:

Cash Drawer (optional but recommended)

This is simply a highly secured, metallic casing which helps you to cleanly organise all the cash sales in your shop. It usually comes with a key which allows you to lock the case and only allow for opening when a sale is recorded. If you have been keeping money in old drawers, then it's time to give your shop an upgrade.

Barcode scanner (optional)

The main purpose of a barcode scanner is to allow you to checkout your customers in queue faster. As you scan your items, the system automatically logs the sale so you don't have to manually input each item. We usually recommend barcode scanners for extremely high trafficked outlets. For barcode scanner, you usually have the option of a table top scanner or a handheld scanner. With the former being more convenient and hands-free. The table top scanners happen to be about 50%+ more expensive as compared to the handheld scanners.

Table top barcode scanner:

Handheld scanner:

With the following key components above, you are more than ready to get started with using Keepsales. If you need any additional help in sourcing these devices or components, then don't hesitate to reach out to us to guide you. You can also either set these up on your own or reach out to us to help you set these up at an additional fee.

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