Before jumping into the various types of hardware devices we recommend, let's quickly talk about the available Keepsales platforms or essentially, how you can use Keepsales. Note that, you can use all three platforms at the same time with no additional costs. This allows you to easily access your data from anywhere you are.

  1. The web application

    Typically, if you are setting up a computer in your shop where your sales people can be inputting the sales, then most business owners choose to go with the Keepsales web application which you can access here. All you need is to have a decent internet connection to access it. Don't worry if you have bad internet at your shop's location. We will give you a solution later on in this article so keep reading on.

    Also, you can access the web application from your smartphone's browser, or a laptop as well. So for example: if you are at home and want to check the quantity of items in your shop or see the sales you have made for the day, you can simply visit the web application on your laptop, login and view all your data without actually being at the shop. This is possible because, anytime your sales attendants record a sale with the computer at the shop, the records automatically reflect in your Keepsales account which you can view from anywhere. This is the power of a cloud-based POS software.

    Furthermore, you can perform most managerial tasks, inventory management and reporting from the web application as well.

  2. Keepsales Android app

    The android application is a very robust alternative to the web application. Though it doesn't come with more advanced reports like exporting to excel, you can still perform about 85% of the most important tasks you need. Even better, the android app has certain functionalities like sending digital receipts via Whatsapp which isn't available on the web application. You can download the mobile app here

    The Keepsales android app also helps you to track your metrics on the go. It's a portable alternative when you do not have access to a large screen device.

    Lastly, if you are a fan of minimal setups or lack ample space in your shop, you can use the android app with a tablet which is setup in your shop for your sales people. If you are wondering how this can be done, don't sweat it at all, we will teach you how.

  3. Desktop app

    The Keepsales desktop app is one of the key platforms that gives you an edge. The desktop app was built to help you to still record your sales even in extremely poor network conditions. It can work totally offline with no internet. Once your connectivity is back up, you can sync all your data back into the cloud on your account.

You have no reason to worry about issues of poor internet in your shop.

In this article, we have explained all the available platforms you can access Keepsales on. Remember that, you do not need to strictly choose just one of them. You can use all simultaneously. You only need to login to your account on each platform.

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