Sumundi Keepsales is a hybrid, cloud-based POS software which helps you to monitor your shop's sales and inventory no matter where you are. Hybrid here means, it works both online and offline. With Keepsales, your key business metrics are automatically calculated and made available to you in real-time and in a matter of seconds, from any internet-enabled device. Meaning, you can always be monitoring from your smartphone, laptop tablet or a desktop computer irrespective of your location.

We are not talking about monitoring with a CCTV camera. We mean, being able to see the actual business numbers. A CCTV camera for example cannot tell you how much sales you made in a day or how many items are left on the shelves but Keepsales can, in a few seconds. The type of businesses that can use Keepsales are also very vast. So whether you own a pharmacy, boutique, supermarket, restaurant, books and stationary shop, barbering shop or a salon, you can adopt Keepsales to the management of your business and customers a breeze.

What you just read is just the tip of the wide scope of benefits you can enjoy with Keepsales. Other useful benefits include the ability to automate the recording and tracking of your customers' data, expenses, suppliers, purchases, deliveries and a whole lot more. Even more, you can take advantage of our robust SMS technology to send Bulk SMS messages to your customers telling them about some new products that just came in stock, send SMS receipts (no more paper receipts), and send SMS reminders to customers who owe you (don't want to call? Let bulk SMS do the magic for you).

Let's discuss some real life scenarios where Keepsales can be a very useful resource for you as a business owner;

  1. When you employ other people to run or sell in your shop in your absence

    As a business owner, you may find yourself in the situation where you have employed sales attendants. This is typical of most retail enterprises. In such a scenario, it is necessary to make sure that these people you are hired are actually doing the right thing in your absence.

    Meaning, they are not selling items at higher prices, cheaper prices or over selling. Also, to make sure that they are not being careless with their inventory. Keepsales in such a scenario is more than capable of creating this level of accountability once you implement it in your shop.

  2. Existing trusting issues between you and your shop employees

    If you suspect that your sales attendants are stealing from you, then your suspicion is probably 100% true. Infact, they may have already stolen millions from you over the past that you failed to notice simply because you are not tracking your sales automatically, and are still managing your business manually with books.

    With Sumundi Keepsales, every sale that is recorded is automatically reconciled and deducted from your inventory. So if any illegal activities happen, you will be able to quickly notice the discrepancies in stock from the software. Thousands of shop owners using our software have sacked so many of their attendants by detecting their theft in real-time.

  3. You run a business from home where you sell and deliver to your clients

    If you sell on social media (Whatsapp, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook), then Keepsales is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Especially with our mobile app, you can easily generate and share receipts with customers directly through Whatsapp and via SMS. If you have customers who buy from you on credit, you can also easily track their repayments and even send them automatic payback alerts. This will make you feel very organised and professional as a business owner. Thank us later :)

  4. You find it hard to effectively track your sales and your product quantities

    It's a sad situation to find out that most retail business owners cannot immediately give you their business numbers when you ask. How much sales did you make for today? If your answer is to go to your shop and count the cash in the drawer, then you are already endangering your business. How many units of a certain product is left currently? If you can't give an answer in a few clicks, then you are definitely doing something wrong.

    With Keepsales, you are able to immediately figure out these key metrics immediately. When it comes to inventory, running out of stock on certain items without noticing it earlier can cause you to lose good money. Customers don't like to deal with a business that is unreliable. Keepsales gives you immediate insights into your inventory on hand and alerts you when you reach your re-order thresholds. It's a life saver.

  5. It's hard for you to keep tabs on the data of your customers

    9 out of 10 business owners do not have any type of properly organised data on their customers. Even if they do, the data happens to be inaccurate or scattered around in books, paper and on your phone. Customers are the blood of every business and if you can't manage them properly, your business will end up lifeless. Keepsales makes it easy to manage the data on your customers in a centralized and professional way. You are able to store their contact details, employment information, locations and even their birthdays.

    Even more, you are able to pull out statistics on them. At the click of a button, you can get to see metrics like who your top 10 or top 50 customers are for a certain month or period. Keepsales helps you to improve your customers' experience by providing a fully integrated Bulk SMS channel which helps you to keep your customers updated on newbies and updates about your business.

  6. You typically record your sales and purchases in books but this is very stressful, hard to track and inaccurate

    You have been diligent at using huge notebooks to keep records of your sales and purchases but overtime, you have realized that, this strategy is simply too stressful and not scalable. This is the boat many of our current Keepsales customers used to find themselves in, but this changed immediately they adopted Keepsales

Congratulations on getting to the end of this article! At this stage, you now have a clear picture of what Sumundi Keepsales is, and what this great POS software can do for you and your business.

We'd ask that you read more articles in our getting started guide to read other important guides on how you can adopt Keepsales for your business. If you'd like to speak to us directly, do not hesitate to reach us via our website, booking a call or our live chat.

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