There are 3 main subscription plans available for customers who want to use Keepsales for their business. Click on this link to learn how to renew your subscription to choose an appropriate plan suitable for you.

You can click on this link to view Keepsales pricing.

You will be tasked to upgrade to another subscription plan if you want to access a feature that isn't available in your current plan.

In this article you get to view the Subscription Plans and the features you get to access under them.


1. Basic Inventory Management

2. Basic Sales Recording & Management

3. Accounts History (Limited)

4. Stock Alerts

5. Today Sales (Limited)



2. Bulk SMS + 1000 Free SMS

3. Customers & Loyalty Management

4. Expenses Management

5. Invoices & Quotes

6. Purchases

7. Selling on Credit (Laybuys)

8. Deliveries Management

9. Suppliers Management

10. Inventory Management (Full Feature)

11. Online Store

12. Discounts and Promos

13. Access to Keepsales Desktop App

14. Inventory Snapshots & Performance

15. Today's Sales (Full Feature)

16. Accounts History (Full Feature)

17. Speedy Management



2. Stock transfers

3. Export a list of all your customers to Excel

4. Restaurant Mode

5. Adding of Custom Thank you message on receipts


6. Export low level stock to Excel

7. Sum of sales by payment methods in sales excel


8. Quickbooks integration (Coming Soon)

9. Removal of Sumundi branding from invoices,

receipts (WEB) and online store

10. Sales volume per hour and busiest times of the

day analytics

11. 1-Click adjusting of all selling prices of

items at a given percentage margin (Coming soon)

12. Top selling days of the week report with time

interval selection

13. Items out of stock after being sold today report

14. Selling with pack quantity

15. Exporting all customer in debt records to Excel

16. Margin alert report for items that are being

sold at break even or at a loss

17. Integrated payments

18. 1-Click incrementing of all selling prices by

a given percentage (Coming Soon)

19. Stagnant products report

20. Gift cards (Coming soon)

21. Sales ranking of customers with time interval


22. Appointments and bookings management (Coming soon)

23. Negative inventory (Coming soon)

24. Customers who haven't purchased from you within

a certain period.

25. Composite items & Hampers (Coming soon)

26. Export only expiring or expired items to PDF/Excel

27. Top selling products with time interval selection

28. Sales rankings of cashiers and attendants

29. End of day close of register (Coming soon)

30. Attaching invoice files to purchases (coming soon)

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