Speedy management is a feature that allows you to edit a lot of product in bulk.

1. Click on Main Menu.

2. Click on Stock.

3. Click on Speedy Management.

4. Click on the bar with the inscription, "Product List".

5. Type in the name of the product you want to edit. Click on the product when the name appears.

6. You can click on the product name, to make changes to the name.

7. You can click in the box under Batch, CP (Cost Price), SP (Selling Price), WP (Wholesale Price) and make changes to the figures in their respective boxes.

8. Under Adjust Quantity, You can an additional figure to the existing stock, or reduce the current stock by using negative figures. Always look at the Quantity After Update right on top of the product name to be sure the figure you are increasing or decreasing matches your actual stock.

9. Click on the Product List where you selected the product, to select more products to edit. You can edit as many products as you want at a go.

10. Click on Run Stock Update. All changes will be automatically updated at once.

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