1. Click on the Main Menu.

2. Click on Stock Transfers.

3. Click on New Consignment.

4. Enter a Reference Code/ Name, Select a Destination Outlet.

5. Click on Create Consignment.

6. Click on Checkout Assignment.

7. Select the products you want to transfer. Keep clicking on the product list, to select as many products as you want.

8. You can alter the batch numbers, transfer cp (cost price), transfer sp (selling price), and the quantity to move.

9. You can click on the delete button to remove a product from the list.

10. Click Continue To Review.

11. Click on Review Consignment Details.

12. Click on Edit Consignment if there is an error with the inventory you want to send.

13. Click on Send Products To (Name of Destination Company) For Acceptance.

14. Click on Initiate Transfer.

15. Click on Fetch Transfer Note to download or print a transfer note.

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