1. Click on the Main Menu.

2. Click on Stock.

3. Click on Stock Taking.

4. Click on New Stock Taking Session.

5. Click on Ok.

6. Under the session that is ongoing, Click on Choose.

7. Click on Proceed to Stock Taking.

8. Select the products by clicking on Product List.

9. Enter the Counted Quantity as you count them.

10. You can enter notes regarding the products you count under the Notes area.

11. At the top of the page, you can click on Stock Take Commentary.

12. Click on Record Counted Quantities, to save the entries you do, as you continue taking stock.

13. When you have fully completed the stock taking session, Click on End Stocktaking Session.

NB. Clicking on Record Counted Quantities, isn't the same as Clicking on End Stocktaking Session.

Record Counted Quantities saves the session as you continue counting, to prevent the page from being too overloaded, or if you have to pause to do something else.

End Stocktaking Session, totally ends the whole process. So when you are fully done, that is when you click on End Stocktaking Session.

14. Click on OK.

15. Click on View Report.

16. Under View Report, you can click on View Stocktaking Commentary to view any commentaries documented during the stock taking process.

17. You can Click on Filter Report, to filter product by product, or by Report Focus (view report according to all counted items, or counted items with variances or uncounted items). Then you Click on Apply Filter.

18. On the table below, you can view all the items counted and their various statistics. Click on Choose and click on rectify counted quantity if you notice a mistake in counting that product. Or, you can delete the product from the report.

19. When you have gone through all the products counted and you are satisfied with the reports, with no rectifications to make, you go to the top of the page, and click on Commit All Counts To Inventory On Hand.

20. Click on OK.

21. Click on Done.

22. On the right, you can view the parameters and overall report summarized for you; Values before Stocktake, Values after Stocktake, and their variances.

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